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Artizan Double Trouble Green Pumpkin Nickel Blade


ARTIZAN DOUBLE TROUBLE GREEN PUMPKIN, NICKEL BLADE The Double Trouble is designed to be fished in both open water and where there is thick cover. Double Troubles are designed to be versatile. They are built using a free-swinging hook design that allows the angler to quickly change the hook for all types of presentations, should the need arise. As well as the Swimerz Double Hook fitted as standard, we also include selected Wide Gape and Straight Shank Hooks. The solid brass Willow blades used in their construction can be fished faster, and are a better choice for warmer and clearer water, than Colorado Blades. The hammered finish has more flash than a smooth blade, also adding a small amount of drag. Blades are a consistent size across the range, with the range of head weights enabling fishing from the shallows (with the lighter heads) to deeper water, as required. The stainless steel wire used is heavy duty and can withstand any abuse, is highly rust resistant, enabling more 'pull' and a good hook set on a long cast. The length of the front wire and placement of the blade provides protection for the hooks when fishing in cover. SPECIFICATIONS Quantity: 1 Available Sizes: 3/8 Oz, 1/2 Oz, 3/4 Oz, 1 Oz, 11/4 Oz PACKAGE CONTENTS 1 x Artizan Double Trouble Green Pumpkin, Nickel Blade

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